SEO Consulting Services

Professional consulting for your success!!

1 Hour

$200 USD / $259 AUD

♦   Detailed Audit
♦   For 1 Website
♦   Recommendations Report
♦   1-1 Consulting

3 Hour

$500 USD / $648 AUD

♦   Detailed Audit
♦   For 3 Website
♦   Recommendations Report
♦   1-1 Consulting
♦   Support

1 Working Day

$1000 USD / $1297 AUD

♦   Detailed Audit
♦   For Any Number of Websites
♦   Full Video Report
♦   Recommendations Report
♦   1-1 Consulting
♦   Support

Experienced team with over 6 years of experience in SEO consulting

Our consultation helps if you have problems with improving your visibility in search engines, rankings and traffic suddenly collapse, or you are planning a comprehensive overhaul of your website and you want to avoid the lack of sales or leads.

As experienced consultants, we analyze the situation, plan your strategy for outstanding search engine optimization and support you as an SEO agency in implementing the measures.

Is your competition stepping up?

Find out why that is happening and how can you reclaim the top spots in google SERPs

→ Holistic and target group-oriented optimization of website

→ Creation of attractive meta tags

→ Avoidance and elimination of technical SEO errors on the website

→ Extensive online marketing advice

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to rank 1st for as many keywords as possible on Google, how do I do that?

The fact that you appear in the first place in the SERPs (search engine result pages) on Google or Bing does not have to be your primary goal; no serious SEO consultants can give you this promise of success. Most searchers click on the first result of their search and that increases your page traffic. But that’s of no use to you if you can’t turn visitors into customers (measurable through the higher conversion rate). Sustainable search engine optimization pursues a placement on the first page, a conspicuous and interesting snippet (excerpt from your website on the SERP) and a user-friendly and conversion-optimized website by doing targeted keyword research that will get you in the search results for the right user intent.

Why does a website no longer run successfully without SEO?

If you want to be successful in doing business online, then your success correlates with the visibility of your website or your web shop. 

Nowadays, a great web design or an informative homepage is no longer enough to be found by users on the web. There are now simply too many websites for that , and you cannot find your way around this jungle of websites without help from a SEO consulting services provider. 

Search engines arrange the websites so that they match the search queries of the users as precisely as possible, namely the entered keywords (key terms). 

How SEO Consultants Can Help You Set up your homepage according to the needs of your target group and optimize it according to Google’s webmaster guidelines for web crawlers and search algorithms. 

A professional SEO consultant will give you specific instructions on which measures you need to take to increase your visibility in the long term by doing audit, keyword research and by suggesting best practices of the industry. 

The goal is definitely to rank your website on page 1 on Google or Bing. Otherwise you will be overlooked by your target group, because approx. 90% of users only click on the 1st page of a search engine query!

 What are Search Combat's SEO consulting services?

Our seo consulting services in the field of SEO are based on our corporate philosophy. We are primarily characterized by the fact that we operate an extensive portfolio of our own websites.

The continuous evaluation of our own websites provides us with valuable information about how search engines actually work. We don’t rely on hearsay and legible theory, but on our own data pools. 

The focus of our holistic optimization strategies is not on short-term hypes, but on medium and long-term successful methods. We reduce the effort for search engine optimization to particularly lean processes and thus achieve profitable results. We transfer this know-how to our customers’ projects. As a customer, you benefit from first-class SEO consulting services advice and many years of professional experience.

Who are your SEO Consulting Services for?

Regardless of whether you want continuous support in the implementation of SEO campaigns or projects: with SearchCombat you have an experienced SEO professional on your team. We have been advising SMEs and corporations for years and also passes his knowledge on to classic advertising agencies and internet agencies via our SEO consulting services.

Your SEO consultant specializes in quickly and flexibly recognizing even the most complex issues and identifying the related issues, doing keyword research on the fly, talking about page optimization strategies that will bring in organic traffic. Together with your team, individual solution approaches are designed and the implementation of strategies is supported by our SEO agency. Any business big or Small can benefit from our Consulting Solutions.