Link Placement Packages

100 RD+
1 LINK $55 USD
$73 AUD
200 RD+
1 LINK $75 USD
$99 AUD
400 RD+
1 LINK $99 USD
$130 AUD
1000 RD+
1 LINK $135 USD
$178 AUD
1500 RD+
1 LINK $175 USD
$ 231 AUD
Min 10 DR
1 LINK $65 USD
$85 AUD
Min 20 DR
1 LINK $85 USD
$112 AUD
Min 30 DR
1 LINK $115 USD
$152 AUD
Min 40 DR
1 LINK $140 USD
$185 AUD
Min 50 DR
1 LINK $169 USD
$223 AUD


The niche relevant links placed on high quality and already ranking blogs are also called niche edits/link placements. This technique helps you get the authority your website deserves and helps build the reputation of your business. Being a wholesaler in this space, we have a kick ass database of high quality websites in every niche and industry. We can scale your campaign and rankings to the moon.

Key Metrics That We Follow

If you are still stuck with DA/PA, we may not be the right fit. Because we believe in newness, we use Referring Domains/Domain Rating and Monthly Traffic as the key components for our link building from sites. Our specific list of requirements makes our inventory list robust, high quality and fool proof. 

'Cut the BullShit' kinda Link Provider In the Market

We can go on and on about the low quality, non relevant link sellers in the market, but we will be wasting our time.  Our processes of creating our database/inventory were built on your bad experiences and are almost fool proof. We will ensure every link placed by us is high quality, relevant and nice specific. 

Placing your order with us is like a walk in the park. Our user friendly portal lets you choose what you need, all you have to provide is payment (ofcourse), URL and anchors/keywords. We take the game from here and provide you with the live white hat links on completion of your order within a 2-3 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Niche Edits links are Curated Links building placements from already indexed Web resources with proven authority and historical footprints. Such posts often carry a better Page Rank compared to any other guest post backlink which is taken from a new article post. We can get white hat links from sites with all sorts of authority depending on your Budget.

Google doesn’t like links coming to your site from pages that are not related – it confuses the algorithm and weakens your site’s relevance. With our strategic search engines tools , we have complete control over the niche edits of the site to be linked from, and the links are placed within real, aged articles that are also relevant to your site’s topic, site’s blog posts or guest post. This is the way linking should always be done – relevant and within the context for the page being linked to.

Yes absolutely, Niche edits work like a charm! Since such websites have live traffic and the bloggers are choosy about the relevancy of the resource to their own niche, they are sharing their link to, there’s no reason, why they won’t work. The only thing to keep in mind is that you should get Niche-specific Links

Starting an SEO campaign without an audit is like building a house without a foundation. You need to know what you are working with and who you are up against before you can make any strategic decisions for your website.

SEO and link audits have the potential to help you kickstart the ideal SEO plan for your organization, whatever point of adulthood your company might be at.

Even though you might believe that your site is optimized an SEO audit may show the one crucial issue that is holding your site from doing better.

The objective is to help you avoid time and money wasted in futile tactics-based strategies to SEO, and concentrate on the optimisation of jobs which may bring the best return for your investment.