Google Stacks Packages

Carefully Crafted and Proved Ranking Hack. Google Site Stacks

Basic Package

$49 USD / $63 AUD

♦   Google Public Folder
♦   Google Spreadsheet
♦   Full Video Report
♦   Google Doc
♦   Google Maps
♦   Google Drawing
♦   Youtube Video Embed

Advance Package

$89 USD / $115 AUD

♦   Google Public Folder
♦   Google Spreadsheet
♦   Full Video Report
♦   Google Doc
♦   Google Maps
×  Google Drawing
♦   Youtube Video Embed
          ♦   IFTTT Auto Tweet Syndication To Google Doc
          ♦   Build 10 DAS ( Domain Authority Stacking) Profiles

What Is Google Stack?

Building google drive stacks are a proven method to leverage different entities of the Google ecosystem like Google Drive and Google Sites with tactical interlinking to stack up the power of other properties like Google Doc, slides, presentation, forms etc in the form of authority stacks. Google’ offers more trust and authority to its own properties, and that make the Google Stacks so effective. It provides you the option of adding more backlinks in your money site as Google trusts its own domain google portal. Basically link building is done by using the backlinks of google owned domains .

On the other hand domain authority stacking where the backlinks are from the other high da sites and most of them being web 2.0 and not from Google properties.

A complex pattern of interlinked properties further enhances the power to flow through the stacks and power up your money pages with varied Keyword rankings in search engine results.


We will create a highly technical link-building network of google properties and tie them together into 1 stacked central site.

→ Google Stacking SEO can help to rank multiple properties on-page 1 using google authority

→ Google drive stack SEO Passes on link juice, trust and relevancy to money site for better organic rankings.

→ 100% white hat backlinks from google babies.

→ No need to worry about duplicate content and Pbn footprints & guaranteed Google indexing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Safe to use this service?

Yes Absolutely. Practically, we are creating a separate site with different Google owned entities stacked in and your desired keywords mentioned tactically. Essentially different Google properties are embed on the google site with all of them having a central hub i.e Google Drive and it looks like a centralized location to all your business data put in the form of docs, slides, map etc. on Gcloud and put on a Gsite for easy access. Nothing negative about it, so far. We are leveraging by using google authority and it’s own properties.

I don’t think such tactics work in practical world!

Many of customers have shared the same apprehension without a definite answer to – Why It Won’t work for search results optimization? Ranking a site on top of Google is an outcome of a series of actions backed by good KW research, solid Onpage optimizations. We’ve had customers with multiple page 1 rankings for varied low competition keywords. Lastly, Google Stacks are a small part of your SEO efforts and it does and have been working for local businesses especially.

Do You Guys Use Spun Content?

There 3 scenarios to it –

1: Some clients send their own content with about 1000 words content for the GSite and 500 Words each for Gdoc & Slide. Scenario

2: We can use spun content relevant to your niche in the standard packages. Scenario

3: You can order High Quality Unique Content as an Add On with the order.

Do I Get Complete control of the Accounts created?

Yes, absolutely, we use a different Email for each and every order and pass on the login information, recovery details along with the reports. So you have complete control and ownership of all the google authority Entities created. 

You will have an options to give us one of your accounts that you would like to use to control these properties.