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♦   Contextual Links: Dofollow & Permanent Placement
♦   Contextual Links: Average RD 35-70
Contextual Links: Average Age:10+ Years
100% Unique articles: Highly Readable
100% Unique articles: Niche Relevant
No Specific TLD
×   URL Link Report

Australian Only PBN Links

STARTING AT $125 USD / $162 AUD for 5 LINKS

♦   Contextual Links: Dofollow & Permanent Placement
♦   Contextual Links: Average RD 35-70
Contextual Links: Average DR between 15-40
Hyper Themed Blogs Content
Low OBLs: Brand New Network
.com.au and .org.au TLD
×   URL Link Report

PBNs We Offer

Well, the very first question is, what is a PBN? PBN stands for a private blog network. And it means the following: a person or a company actually has a lot of websites under their control. It could be ten, it could be tens, it could be hundreds or thousands. The only purpose of those websites is to put an article on it, link in it, so that the website where it links to will get higher in Google.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use dedicated IP for every Domain?

We use Dedicated ips and a wide variety of A, B and C class ip`s – Each website has a uniquely assigned ip address! You don’t have to worry about bad environments or multiple pbn websites hosted on the same ips easily exposing the network. The servers are located in 24+ different locations around the world and provide a natural and wide IP range over the entire network.

Are all your PBNs on same web hostings?

We use more than 10+ different premium web hosting companies with fantastic feedback and track records. These are real top of the line web hosts, some of which are well known such as Atlantic, Digital, Linode, Vultr, Rackspace and Amazon. We are also constantly looking for additional web hosts to add to our system that meet our quality criteria.
No cheap web hosting here!

Do PBN Still work?

If a Private Blog Network didn’t work, Google wouldn’t try to target those who do it and drive people away from the strategy. But this is no more than a deterrent tactic. People are still building networks and thus achieve a better ranking.

Do you Provide full URL Report of the Links?

No, we don’t. We only provide screenshots of your PBN links with a do-follow link. We have to do this to protect our inventory from getting spammed as we had instances of spam tiered links to our PBNs in the past.